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Freedom WOD Classes

Warm Up: 5 Mins
10 Inchworms (no push up)
10 Ring Rows
10 RDL
10 Kipping Swings
10 Deadlifts
10 Kipping Pull Ups

Strength: 20 Mins
10 Min to warm up to 90%
10 min EMOM x 1 reps @ 90%

Metcon: 18 Min Cap
Complete 3 Full Rounds of the following:
2 Round Sprint (5 Min Cap/Limit)
7 Deadlifts 255/175 scaled 185/135
7 Box Jump 30/24 scaled 24/20
3 Bar MU or 6 C-2-B Pull Ups
Rest 1 Min

Functional Bodybuilding Class

Thursday: Shoulders:
1)Seated Alternating DB Shoulder Press 5×5

2)Giant Set: 3×8-12
DB Bent Over Rear Raises
DB Lateral Raises
DB Front Raise

3)Super Set: 4×8-12
Seated DB Shoulder Press
Seated DB Lateral Raises

4)Giant Set: 3×8-12
Cable Single Arm Lateral Raises
Cable Single Arm Front Raise
Cable Single Arm Rear Extension

5)Giant Set: 3×8-12
Car Drivers
Up Right Rows
Cable High Row (face pulls w/rope or individual handles)

6)Super Set: 4×8-12
Seated DB Arnold Press
Seated DB Bent Over Rear Raises

7)Finisher: 1xME Drop Set
Front DB Raises
Later DB Raises


Warm Up 5 Mins
1 Min of Each
Air Squats

Strength: 15 mins 
Giant Set
2 sets
X-Band Lateral Walks video or Monster Band Lateral Walks video
**full length of the gym down and back (east-west) do not drag your feet**
12-15  Double KB Sumo Deadlifts
12-15 /leg Single Leg Hip Thrust video add weight to your lap if needed
90 seconds rest between sets

Metcon: 16 Min Cap
20 KB Thrusters
20 KB Sumo Deadlift High Pulls
20 KB Swings
20 KB Goblet Lunges
20 KB Box Step Ups
Every Min On the Min starting with min 0:00 perform
25′ Bear Crawl



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