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January 30, 2023 DNRadmin

You Only Have A Few Days Left To Place Your Order For The Open Shirts! Will You Be Team Kody or Team Kyle? The Orange Sign Up Sheet Is At The Front Desk.   Freedom WOD Classes Warm Up: 6 Mins 2 mins /Side Lax Ball Chest and Shoulders Then 2 Rounds 1:00 jump rope

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January 27, 2023 DNRadmin

Freedom WOD Classes Warm Up 10 Mins 2:00 /side Lax Roll Lats Then 2 Rounds 50′ Walking Samson Stretch 5 Clean Complex ( Clean DL, Clean High Pull, Squat Clean, Front Squats, Push Press) Then 2:00 /side Hamstring Barbell Smash Strength: Tempo or “Slow” Squat Clean (Coach led 3 second count, see description below) 3×3

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January 26, 2023 DNRadmin

Open Shirt Design Is Complete And Ready For Pre-Order. Place Your Order At The Front Desk Via the Orange Sign Up Sheet. #TeamKody #EnjoyTheLittleThings #TeamKyle #Alright,Alright,Alright Freedom WOD Classes Warm Up 10 Mins 2:00 /side quad smash Then 200 M Row, Ski or .3 Bike 20 Banded Lat Press Downs 20 Banded Tricep Ext 20

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January 25, 2023 DNRadmin

Did You Sign Up For The Open? Freedom WOD Classes Warm Up: 8 mins 2 Rounds 50′ Bear Crawls 20 Banded Pull Aparts 10 DB External Rotation 10 Banded Good Mornings 10 RDL Mobility: 2 min /side T spine Lax Ball 2 min/side Barbell Hamstring Smash Strength: 5 mins 5 Min EMOM 3-5 Walk Walks

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January 24, 2023 DNRadmin

100 Athletes Registered For The CrossFit Open Is Our Goal! This is the road you are supposed to be on and these are the people that you are supposed to ride with. Hooligans, Mount Up It’s Time To Ride! 2023 CrossFit Open Registration Freedom WOD Classes Warm Up: 10 Mins 2 Rounds 30 sec Jump

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January 23, 2023 DNRadmin

Congrats to everyone that competed this weekend! We had an amazing time throwing down with you all! Now Lets Get Registered For The CrossFit Open! Click the link below to register for the 2023 CrossFit Open. Also make sure you sign up for your Open shirt via the sign up sheet at the front desk.

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