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CrossFit DNR Water World Outing! Best Gym In Fort Collins Best Of NoCo


The Gym Will Be Closed This Saturday The 15th For Our Water World CFDNR Outing!

Freedom WOD Classes

Warm Up: 10 Mins
20 Baned Pull Aparts
10 Kipping Swings
5 Hang Power Snatch
10 Jumping Pull Ups
5 Hang Power Snatch
5 Pull Ups

Strength: 20 Mins
10 min EMOM x 3 reps @ 70%
Hang Sq Snatch


Overhead Squat
10×3 @ 50% of snatch 1rm
*To help with mobility place a 5lb plat under heals to improve ankle position*

Metcon: 16 Min Cap

For Reps
Prior to 8 minutes, 3 rounds of:
4 Strict Pull Ups
4 Snatches 95/65 scaled 65/45

Then 3 rounds of:
5 Strict Pull Ups
3 Snatches 135/95 scaled 95/65

* Prior to 12 minutes, 3 rounds of:
6 Strict Pull Ups
2 Snatches 185/135 scaled 115/75

* Prior to 16 minutes, 3 rounds of:
7 Strict Pull Ups
1 Snatches 205/145 scaled 135/95

Note: Snatch can be power or squat

Functional Bodybuilding Class

A WEEK: Heavy week
Monday: Chest and Biceps:

1)Heavy Bench Press 5×5 pyramiding

2)Giant Set 3×8-12 pyramiding
Isometric Push Up (Wipers) Or Push Ups with a 3-5 sec pause at the bottom
Single Arm DB Bicep Curl (Preacher)
DB Bench Press

3)Drop Set x3 sets
Incline DB Bench Press
3/5/7/9+9 Flys

4)Giant Set 3×8-12
Cable Scraper Bicep Curls
DB Decline Bench Press
Cable Skull Crusher Bicep Curls (high to low)

5)Giant Set 3×8-12
DB Pull Overs
DB Crusher Press
Cable Cross Over (low to high)

1 Set ME Bench Press Breathing Set
1×8-10 w/ 5 sec Eccentric/Concentric Bicep Curl

Alternative Finisher:
Push Up Ladder
10 Wide Grip (turn hands out)
10 Smith Machine Low W/Wide hands (index fingers on loops or wider)
10 Smith Machine 3 Levels Higher (pinky fingers on loops)
10 Smith Machine 3 Levels Higher (pinky on edge of knurling)
10 Smith Machine Same Level Reverse Grip (index fingers on edge


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