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Hooligans, you’re on camera. We just wanted to give everyone a heads up that there are now cameras in the lobby and looking out over the gym floor. So if anyone misses a box jump (please don’t) then we’ll have video!
Our honor system for drink purchases has faltered. We don’t think anyone is intentionally taking them but we need you all to make sure you’re filling out a drink card and dropping it in the bottle at the counter whenever you take a drink out of the fridges. At this point we are losing $ on products, so if you want us to keep carrying them, please lend us a hand.
Thank you!

Freedom WOD Classes

Warm Up: 8 Mins
2 Round Tabata :20/:10
Air Squats
Side Lunge w/ Stretch
Then 1:30 / Side LAX Glutes

Strength: 18 Mins
Back Squat 1RM
10 Min EMOM
0:00-3:00 (4 rounds) = 5 reps
4:00-6:00 (3 rounds) = 3 reps
7:00-9:00 (3 rounds) = 1 rep *build to 85-90%
8 Mins to Establish a 1RM

Metcon: 12 Mins
8 Round Rotating Tabata :20/:10
MB Cleans 20/14

Functional Bodybuilding Class


Back Day

Seated Forward Leaning Lat Row


Seated Row

3 Sets / (20 / 20)

Seated Forward Leaning Lat Row: Lean forward with your shoulders over your quads and perform a v-bar low lat row

Seated row: lean forward to start the movement and lean back to perform the row keeping your shoulders in front of your hips.

Rope Lat Pulldown

2 Sets / 30 Reps

Performed like a face pull but as a lat pull down. As you pull down on the rope pull it apart as you get to your head/face getting your triceps parallel to the floor

V bar Lat Pulldown

4 Sets / 20 Reps

Incline High Elbow DB Row

3 Sets / 20 Reps

Laying face down on an incline bench perform a high elbow db row looks like a seal pull with high elbows

One Arm DB Row (2 Sec Hold Top & Bottom)

3 Sets / 15 Reps EACH

Seated Cable Rope Row Trap Shrug

3 Sets / 30 Reps

T Bar Rows (SLOW + 4 Drops)

2 Sets / 10++++

Reverse Hyper

3 Sets / 30 Reps

Can use a bench to perform movement or GHD pad

Olympic Lifting

Warm Up: 8 Mins
Athlete choice

Strength: 20 Mins
Establish 2 RM Clean & Jerk – not touch n’ go

Auxiliary: 10 Mins
3 x Supersets
3 Front Squats – Heavy
5 Tall Box Jumps


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