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Welcome back to the party Coach Tyler! Home boy will be making a coaching appearance today at 12:00.

Freedom WOD Classes

Warm Up: 10 Mins
2 Rounds:
10/Side Fire Hydrants
15 Banded Glute Bridges
15 / Side Lateral Monster Walks
Down & Back Duck Walks
Down & Back Samson Stretch

Strength: 15 Mins
Back Squat
10 Min EMOM
0:00-3:00 (4 rounds) = 5 reps
4:00-6:00 (3 rounds) = 3 reps
7:00-9:00 (3 rounds) = 1 rep
*Start at 50% of your 1RM and add weight every round or two. Finish around 88-95%

Metcon: 16 Min Cap
5 Rounds For Time:
20 Shuttle Runs – N-S-N (every time you touch the wall = 1 rep)
40 Air Squats
*Modify your shuttle run count or air squat reps if you want to finish under cap. Otherwise, this could be an AMRAP for a lot of athletes.

Functional Bodybuilding Class

Morning Fasted State Cardio
Session 1: Steady State Cardio Effort averaging 120-130 BPM for 35-40 Minutes.
Choose ONE from…
1) 20 Mins on Step Machine
2) 20 Mins on Elliptical
3) 20 Mins on Bike
Evening Bodybuilding
Session 2: 60 minutes 
Giant Set
4 Sets
20 Reps Incline Bench Press
20 Reps DB Crusher Press
20 Reps Wide Grip Push Ups
ME Standard Push Up w/ Arch
Do all 4 exercises without stopping = 1 set
Giant Set
4 Sets
20 Reps DB Alternating Decline Press
20 Reps DB Decline Barrel Press
20 Reps DB Decline Partial Flys (bottom)
20 Reps DB Decline Flys Full ROM
Do all 4 exercises without stopping = 1 set
Giant Set
3 Sets
20 Reps High Cable Fly (high to low)
20 Reps Mid Cable Fly (high to low)
20 Reps Mid Cable Fly (straight in front)
20 Reps Low Cable Fly (low to high)
Do all 4 exercises without stopping = 1 set


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