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Today is National Talk Like A Pirate Day! And Because of this, today we will do a Pirate themed workout in observation of this great day! With that said, you best be talkin like a Pirate, Ya slack jawed scallywags!

Freedom WOD Classes

Warm Up: 10 Mins
2:00 Row
Then 2 Rounds:
:30 Plank
7 Burpees
14 Alt Lunges
14 Air Squats
Then 1:30 Hip & Ankle Opener or Samson stretch – athlete choice

Strength: 15 Mins
10 Min EMOM
0:00-3:00 (4 rounds) = 5 Back Squats
4:00-6:00 (3 rounds) = 3 Back Squats
7:00-9:00 (3 rounds) = 1 Back Squat
*Start at 50% of your 1RM and add weight every round or two. Finish around 85-90%

Metcon: 15 Mins
3 Round Tabata – :45/:15 (not rotating)
Swab the deck Burpees
Chasing the Booty (N-S-N wall to wall Shuttle Run)
Walk yer Plank (Walk from hands to forearms)
Row yer Boat (Row for M)
Treasure Chest Walk (Walking Lunges w/ 45/35 plate at chest)

Functional Bodybuilding Class

Morning Fasted State Cardio
Session 1: Steady State Cardio Effort averaging 120-130 BPM for 35-40 Minutes.
Choose ONE from…
1) 20 Mins on Step Machine
2) 20 Mins on Elliptical
3) 20 Mins on Bike
Evening Bodybuilding
Session 2: 60 Mins 
-Bus Drivers
2 sets x 100 Reps
Rest pause to 100 reps  (pick a weight you can get around 30 reps on the initial attempt)
-Seated DB Side Lateral Raises
2 Sets
20 Partials at the top + 20 Full Reps + 20 Partials at the bottom + 60 Sec Hold
-Eye Level Cable Face Pulls
2 Sets x 20 Reps
-High Rear Delt Cable McDonald Flys
2 Sets x 20 Reps
-High/Low 45 Degree Angle Down Rear Cable Flys
2 Sets x 20 Reps
-Smith Machine Seated Shoulder Press REST PAUSE
2-3 Sets 20 Reps
-Straight Bar Cable Front Raise Drop Sets
2-3 Sets x 10 reps /drop set w/4 sec negative
-Super Set
2-3 Sets x 20 Reps
Seated Cable Rear Delt Flys
Seated DB Side Lateral Raises


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