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FlexFriday CrossFit DNR Fort Collin


It’s time for the Ultimate BroDown ThrowDown!

Our Functional Bodybuilding class starts today!! We are test running this class at 6:20 p.m Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Fridays with a CrossFit also being run at the same time.
Wednesday’s at 6:20 p.m will still be reserved for Olympic Lifting only and open gym.
The Functional Bodybuilding class will be a very new format to us and we are starting it off with an 8 athlete cap but most likely have the ability to add additional athletes in the future.
We are trying to keep this class to one hour which means that all athletes need to show up and warm up ahead of time on their own. The programming will NOT be in unison with CrossFit class strength programming so if you are planning to do both you may want to plan on utilizing your “strength” time in CF classes to do additional mobility instead of the prescribed strength.
We are so excited to offer this class and have some fun with all you amazing Hooligans! Stay SWOLE!

Freedom WOD Classes

Warm Up: 10 Mins
400 M Run
2 Rounds:
8/Side Donkey Kicks
8/Side Alternating Lunges
10 Air Squats
:45 / Side Samson Stretch
:45 / Side Pigeon Stretch

Strength: 15 Mins 
3 x Unbroken Complex
8 / Side Alternating Back Rack Lunge
15 Back Squats
3:00 Rest Between Sets
*Build in weight while maintaining a quick squat tempo with great technique. One barbell for both movements = light weight squats. Modify lunges to body weight or step ups, etc as needed.

Metcon: 17 Mins 
4:30 AMRAP x 3 Rounds
200 M Run
15 Push Ups
20 Air Squats
Max Rep Burpees
1:30 Rest Between AMRAPs
*Modify run distance to be at your barbell by 1:20!

Functional Bodybuilding Class At 6:20 p.m only

Chest&Biceps Day
Note: We will be partnering up for every movement/station to help with flow and spotting.

Bench Press 10-15 Mins

Giant Set 3×20 10 Mins
8-10 Wiper Push Ups 
20 Cable Straight Bar Curl 
20 DB Alt Bench Press Slight Incline 

Super Set 3×20 10 Mins
High-2-Low Cable Fly
Incline Bench EZ Bar Preacher Curls 

Super Set 3×20 10 Mins
Low-2-High Cable Fly
Cable Curl 

Super Set 10 Mins
DB Decline Bench Press
DB Decline Fly


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