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To our DNR Hooligan Nation,

I’m sure by now, you have seen and heard of the turmoil ripping through the CrossFit community. Greg Glassman made some unforgivable and careless comments that has damaged the CrossFit name.

These comments have caused anger and outrage, creating a ripple effect of CrossFit gyms across the country to disaffiliate and rightfully so. We are disappointed and upset to say the least. We are also confused on how to move forward from here. Crossfit changed the way the world approached health and wellness. The CF Methodology has provided an inclusive way for all peoples of varying levels of fitness to come together in one room to achieve the same goal, live healthier and happier lives. Through this process and methodology there was/is an amazing byproduct that occurred… the creation of YOU the DNR community!

Greg Glassman’s social media post, views and or comments do not speak for DNR or any other CF gym and certainly doesn’t speak on behalf of CrossFit and its community as a whole. Greg Glassman can not and will not tear this community apart and we do not condone his comments or actions.

We are pissed off and sad. I have been fighting back tears the past two days trying to figure out what direction we will take with DNR. But we can not make an emotional decision, we will take some time to make an informed intelligent decision for YOU the DNR community. We are waiting to see how HQ decides to move forward and if the directions they choose aligns with DNR’s values. While doing so we will take a small step back and distance ourselves from Crossfit for the time being. This doesn’t mean we are disaffiliating but rather providing the DNR community a safe inclusive and fun space to spend time with friends and family while getting fit together.

We will continue to Stand Tall and preach The DNR way: We promise to help our community, athletes, and friends reach their ultimate fitness potential by providing a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere that inspires accountability and success. United We Stand!

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns you may have.

Freedom WOD Classes

Warm Up: 4 Mins
2 Rounds, :30 at each station:
Jump Ropes
Russian KBS

Strength: 13 Mins
Bench Press (55%)
4 x 10 on the 2:00
*There is not a lot of rest time, so do not go heavier than 55%

Mobility: 5 Mins
2:00 / Side Trap Smash or Forearm Smash
OR Shoulder ROM

Home WOD: 11 Mins
11 Min EMOM:
Min 1: 15 Box Jumps Or 50 DU or Toe Taps
Min 2: 15 TTB Or V-Ups
Min 3: 15 KBS (53/35)
Min 4: Rest

Metcon: 11 Mins
11 Min EMOM:
Min 1: 18/14 Cal Row / Bike
Min 2: 15 TTB
Min 3: 15 KBS (53/35)
Min 4: Rest

Elite Competition Class

Gymnastic Conditioning
1 Strict Deficit Handstand Push-up (4.5”/3”)
1 Strict Ring Dip
1 Hand-Release Push-up
2 Strict Deficit Handstand Push-ups (4.5”/3”)
2 Strict Ring Dips
2 Hand-Release Push-ups

Climb By (1) Rep Each Round

“Quarter Zip”
3 Rounds For Time:
800 Meter Run

3 Rounds:
3 Rope Climbs (15′)
6 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (135/95)
18 Alternating Pistols

*After each 800m run you will complete- 3 rounds: 3 rope climbs, 6 SDLHP, 18 alternating pistols

  • This longer AMRAP workout has a little bit of everything – as it includes cardio, gymnastics, and weightlifting
  • After completing the 400 meter run, you’ll complete all 3 rounds of 4-8-12 before heading out for another 400 meter run
  • For scoring purposes, 1 full round is the 400 meter run + the 3 rounds of 4-8-12
  • Record total rounds and reps completed at the end of 25 minutes
  • Only count fully completed 400 meter runs towards your score
  • If you finished the full run, record 400 reps
  • If you complete partial runs, write the estimated distance in the notes section
  • For Example:
  • Let’s say you completed 2 full rounds + a 400 meter run + 4 strict pull-ups
  • Your final score would be 2+404
  • Choose a number or variation that can be completed in 1-2 quick sets each round
  • See further down the page for a list of modifications

Ski Erg Conditioning
For Time:
50/35 Calorie Ski Erg
Rest 2 Minutes
35/25 Calorie Ski Erg
Rest 1 Minute
20/15 Calorie Ski Erg
Rest :30 Seconds
35/25 Calorie Ski Erg
Rest 1 Minute
50/35 Calorie Ski Erg

3 Giant Sets:
21 Rower Pike-ups
15 GHD Sit-ups
9 Strict Toes to Bar

Rest 2 Minutes Between Sets

Performance Power Training

Tuesday, June 9th, 2020

Pre-Flight: Working some explosive jumping for our warmup, then Deads with block and bands for wht/blue, and a little open hip/closed hip combo with power clean and toes 2 bar.

Jet Fuel:
-Shuttle Jog
*Jog shuttles to get warm
-High Knee Skip Drills/Broad Jumps https://youtu.be/ghsjivSm8no
-Depth Jump → Max height box jump https://youtu.be/aIOXVYjHUnk
*Set up boxes and work depth jumps from one box, land in athletic stance, then max height box jump.

Major, Lift: Red: Squat
-then 2xmax reps @80% of the heaviest set of the day
Wht/Blue: Deadlift off 4” block vs bands
Max 5
*Set the barbell on top of  4” blocks, and lift against band tension

-DB Bulgarian Split Squats https://youtu.be/cd6h6mdEMXk
*each, 12 total
*3-3-0-0 = 3 count down, 3 count hold, fast up, no hold at top
*Perform all 6 reps on one leg, then switch
Tempo Dimmel Deadlift https://youtu.be/MOqeGjAzsOw
*Dimmel deadlift starts at the top and stops at knee caps
*3-0-3-0 = 3 count down, 3 count up. Constant movement
*Use a challenging weight but that can be maintained for :30 with good posture/position

10 Rounds
5 DB Hang Power Clean AHAP
10 Toes 2 Bar
*T2B is very aggressive. Scale reps then ROM as needed
*Goal, under 7 minutes


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