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KidFit is in full swing from 11:00-12:00. If you happen to see any of the little hooligans putting in work make sure you give them a high five!

Freedom WOD Classes

Warm Up: 5 Mins
5 Min Circuit
200 M Run
10 Front Squats
6 Single Leg Broad Jump

Strength: 16 Mins
16 Mins to Establish a 1 Rep Max Front Squat

NOTE: A rep done under poor form will not count. Stay braced…

Metcon: 16 min cap
3 Rounds
400 M Run
30 Box Jumps 24/20
30 Back Rack Lunges (15 each leg) 75/55

Elite Competition Class

Power Clean
Clean Primer:
5 Sets:
1 Hang Clean High Pull
1 Low-Hang Power Clean
… Followed by:
“On the 1:30” x 5:
1 Hang Power Clean
1 Power Clean

“Power Ranger”
15 Power Cleans (165/115), 600m Run
10 Power Cleans (205/145), 400m Run
5 Power Cleans (245/165), 200m Run

Aerobic Capacity
Preferably completed on the rower, with the ski erg being our second preference.
10 Sets:
:45s – Work
:45s – Rest

Performance Power Training

Tuesday, June 4th, 2019
Jet Fuel: 
400m Run!!
Samson Stretch
Cossack Stretch
Toy Soldier Stretch
2x200m Fast, not necessarily a sprint, about 80%

Major, Lift: Red: Squat
-then 2xmax reps @80% of the heaviest set of the day
Wht/Blue: Squat
MAX 10
1xAMRAP @80%
**Suggested warmup: work up to between 65-75%ish performing no more than 5 reps. Then hit the 10 rep. If there is still room, and weight and hit one more set of heavy 10. No more after that.**

DB Front Squat
DB Single leg deadlift
1 minute Farmer Carry AHAP, NO DROPS!

10 Rounds For Time:
10 Box Jumps
10m Shuttle
10 Sandbag or Dball or DB Snatch



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