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Walker’s Memorial Day outfit has been chosen. The gym will open at 9:30 and we will run 2 Heats. 1 at 10:00 a.m and the other at 11:00. Remember, we’ll have a food truck at location following the workout. We look forward to seeing you all there Saturday!

Warm Up:
Pizza Delivery

W/ a Band
3 x 10 “Y’s”
3 x 10 90-90’s

3 x 8-12 Back Squats
No Superset

10-1 For Time:
Air Squats
*20 Double Unders after each round

Elite Competition Class

1) Gymnastics
Establish M.E Set of Strict Ring Dips (If Less Than 8, Use appropriate band. If more than 20 add weight)

Establish M.E Handstand Hold – 3 attempt limit (Freestanding if possible, if not pick a variation that works on your balance, ex: tip toe off wall, w/ exercise ball, or using pull-up bar/band)

Followed by 2 Supersets – Fewest Sets Possible
70% M.E Strict Ring Dips (Strict as long as possible => Kip if needed)
70% M.E HS Hold

2)Deadlift 10 min cap
4 Rep Max touch and go

3) Conditioning
Partner Workout: 2 Rounds for Max Reps
2 Min M.E at Each Station
Bench Press 155/110
Rope Climbs
Sled Push 50’ length (4 Plates/3 Plates)


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