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Did you join the lululemon/Strava “Move & Stay Connected Challenge” and log your first workout?


Freedom WOD Classes

Warm Up: 10 mins
2 Rounds
12 RDL
9 Power Cleans
6 S-2-OH
30 Sec Hollow Hold

Mobility: 10 mins
2 Min /side hip flexer smash.

Strength: 5 mins
4 Rounds
20 Reverse Crunch
20 Bicycle Crunches
20 Plate Sit Up
Rest 20 Sec

Home WOD: 15 min 
Interval “DT
30 Sec Intervals
0:00 – 12 Deadlifts
0:30 – 9 Hang Power Clean
1:00 – 6 Push Jerk
Repeat for 10 Rounds (15:00 Mins)

You have 30 sec to perform 12 Deadlifts, then 30 sec to perform 9 Hang Power Cleans, then 30 sec to perform 6 Push Jerks. And so on for 10 rounds/15 mins

Tempo or “Slow” Squat Snatch
3×3 at 65, 70 & 72%
60 sec rest between sets 


The slow pull snatch is simply a snatch in which the athlete performs the first pull at a lower than natural speed. Perform the lift identically in terms of position, but slow the movement of the bar to the mid- to upper-thigh so that it takes 2-3 seconds to reach that point. As the bar reaches that point, without slowing down, accelerate the bar aggressively with violent leg and hip extension, keeping the bar close to the body and allowing it to contact at the hips.

8 Mins
Tempo Back Squat 2-3-1-0
3×5 at 65%
60 sec rest between sets

  • 2-3-1-0
  • The first number (2) is the eccentric, or lowering, component of the lift.
  • The second number (3) denotes any pause at the bottom.
  • The third number (1) is the concentric, or lifting, component.
  • Finally, the fourth number (0) denotes any pause at the top.

Interval “DT
30 Sec Intervals
0:00 – 12 Deadlifts 135/95
0:30 – 9 Hang Power Clean 135/95
1:00 – 6 Push Jerk 135/95
Repeat for 10 Rounds (15:00 Mins)

You have 30 sec to perform 12 Deadlifts, then 30 sec to perform 9 Hang Power Cleans, then 30 sec to perform 6 Push Jerks. And so on for 10 rounds/15 mins

Elite Competition Class

Gymnastic Pushing
For Time:
50/35 Calorie Assault Bike
50 Strict Deficit Handstand Push-ups (4.5″/3″)
50/35 Calorie Assault Bike

This session is designed to train our strict gymnastics pressing capacity while breathing heavy
Each effort on the bike should take between 3-4 minutes to complete – adjust calories as needed
Choose a deficit, rep number, or variation for the strict deficit handstand push-ups that takes no more than 7 minutes to complete (~7 Reps On the Minute)
Use bumper plates to create the 4.5/3 inch deficit

Let’s try to use the legs as much as we can on the opening bike while trying to rely less on the arm
Pushing and fighting too much with the upper body can negatively impact the strict handstand push-ups
If you had to pick one place to move faster, make it the second set of 50/35 calories

With 50 reps straight, let’s open up with intelligent sets
Choose an break up strategy that you think you can realistically hold for all 50 reps
It is better to pick a smaller number and hold that consistently than to start with big numbers and steadily fall off

Consider the following options:
1 Set: 50
2 Sets: 25-25 or 30-20
3 Sets: 25-15-10
4 Sets: 20-10-10-10
5 Sets: 10-10-10-10-10
6 Sets: 10-10-8-8-7-7
7 Sets: 8-7-7-7-7-7-7
8 Sets: 8-6-6-6-6-6-6-6
9 Sets: 10-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-5
10 Sets: 5’s
15 Sets: 5 Sets of 4 + 10 Sets of 3
20 Sets: 10 Sets of 3 + 10 Sets of 2

Assault Bike
Reduce Reps
Equal Calorie Echo Bike, Row, or Bike Erg
75/50 Calorie Schwinn Bike
800 Meter Run

Strict Deficit Handstand Push-ups
Reduce Deficit
Reduce Reps
Box Handstand Push-ups Video

Double Dumbbell Strict Press
Warmup Set
5 Calorie Bike
3 Strict Deficit Handstand Push-ups
5 Calorie Bike

5 Rounds For Time:
50′ Handstand Walk O-Course (Forwards)
100 Double Unders
50′ Handstand Walk O-Course (Backwards)
10 Power Clean and Jerks (205/145)

This 5 round gymnastic and weightlifting workout is designed to be higher skill with moderately heavy weights
We expect this piece to be on the longer side, taking around 20-30 minutes to complete

We’ll navigate a 50’ handstand walk obstacle course twice per round
Measure out this distance from start to finish (the obstacles do not have to take up the whole 50’)
You can use ramps, plates, cones, or other obstacles to walk over/around
The difficulty of the obstacles are up to you, but choose something that is manageable to complete in under 1 minute
The second 50′ handstand walk is not meant to be completed walking on your hands backwards – rather complete the course in the reverse order that you did the first time

Choose a number that takes under 2 minutes to complete

Choose a moderately heavy weight that you will complete as singles during the workout
This should be a load that takes around 1:30-1:40 to complete (1 Rep Every 9-10 Seconds)
You can push jerk or split jerk the weight overhead, but must complete a power clean to get it to the shoulders

Today’s workout is all about setting yourself up for solid efforts on the handstand walk obstacle courseLet’s pace out the barbell reps and double unders in a way that supports minimal mistakes on the handstand wall
Is it better to be conservative on the rope and bar so you can thrive through the highest skill movement of the workout
Since the barbell will be completed as singles, we’ll turn our attention to the double unders
With a high number of reps (500), consider how you’ll be breaking these up in rounds 3-5 and do that from round 1

Think about the following break-up options on the rope:
1 Set: 100
2 Set: 50-50 or 60-40
3 Set: 40-30-30
4 Set: 25-25-25-25
5 Set: 20-20-20-20-20

Reduce Obstacle Difficulty
Reduce Course Length
50′ Regular Handstand Walk
1 Minute of Practice (Per 50′)
Reduce Reps
1:30 of Practice
200 Single Unders

Warmup Set
With Workout Weight:
25′ Handstand Walk O-Course
15 Double Unders
25′ Handstand Walk O-Course
3 Power Clean and Jerks

Track Conditioning
On the 0:00 – 400m Run
On the 3:00 – 200m Sandbag Run
On the 5:00 – 400m Run
On the 8:00 – 200m Sandbag Run
On the 10:00 – 400m Run
On the 13:00 – 200m Sandbag Run
On the 15:00 – 400m Run
On the 18:00 – 200m Sandbag Run
Sandbag – 50/35

This is a repeat of last Monday’s track session, with the intention being to best your previous score
We’ll complete 5 rounds of 400 meter runs and 200 meter sandbag runs
400 meter runs are completed in 3:00 windows
200 meter sandbag runs are completed in 2:00 windows
Whatever time that remains after completion inside each window is for rest
Your score is your slowest 400 meter and slowest 200 meter run added together
Sandbag starts on the ground at “Go”

Weight Vest +
Light Plate (To Roughly Equal 50/35#)

50/35 DumbbellOdd-Object Carry (Best Option Available)

Performance Power Training

Tuesday, April, 14th, 2020

Jet Fuel: 
-3×1 minute:
2 hip circle side steps (each way)
2 hip circle squats
*Use a doubled over band, just above the knees.
-30 Banded good morning

Major, Lift: Red: Squat
-then 2xmax reps @80% of the heaviest set of the day
Wht/Blue: Deadlift
Max 3
2×5 @90%
1xAMAP @70%
**Compare to max 5, March 17th**

3x100m Sled Drag
3×10 GHR
*Scale by using a band around the ghd and shoulders, or have people pair up and have partner hold their ankles as they slowly lower to the ground, then perform a pushup and propel themselves back up to start position.
3×20 GHD situps
*Scale to regular situps if needed.

2 minute Amrap, AHAP:
2 Power Clean
4 Front Rack Lunge
**1 min rest between rounds


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