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Online CrossFit Classes - CrossFit DNR Fort Collins


Attention: Coach led Zoom WODs on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays at 9:30am, 12:00pm and 5:20pm. Sign up on Mindbody at least one hour before the class and we will send you an Zoom link invite to the class.

After entering everyones numbers, we came in at a kick ass               

Freedom WOD Classes

Warm Up: 10 mins
3 Rounds
10 Good Mornings
10 Banded Pull aparts or Cuban Rotations
5 Pack, Bar or DB Push Press

Mobility: 10 mins
90 Sec/side calf smash
90 Sec/side shoulder smash

Home Strength:
3×5 Complex: 20 Sec HandStand + 4 HSPU
If you are still getting comfortable upside down or you’re a beginners, then work on either headstands or hand stand holds for 3 sets of max hold.

Home WOD:
5 Rounds
20 Alternating Russian KB/DB Swings
20 Single Arm KB/DB Push Press (10 per arm)
10 Lateral Bell Jumps

3×5 Push Jerk in Split 70, 75 & 80% of Strict press 1RM Split jerk the bar overhead, then perform 5 Push presses from the front rack while your feet remain in the “split catch” position. This should not be for a max load.

8 mins
3×3 at 75, 80 & 85%
Complex 1 Jerk Drive + 1 Split Jerk w/ 2 Second Pause in Receiving Position = 1 Rep

Metcon: 15 min cap
5 rounds
10 Deadlift 135/95
10 Push Press 135/95
10 Lateral Bar Jumps

Elite Competition Class

“Fast Five”
21/15 Calorie Bike Erg
15 Toes to Bar
21 Front Squats (155/105)

Rest 5 Minutes

21/15 Calorie Bike Erg
15 Toes to Bar
15 Front Squats (185/135)

Rest 5 Minutes

21/15 Calorie Bike Erg
15 Toes to Bar
9 Front Squats (225/155)

5 minutes on and 5 minutes off in these fast paced intervals
The bike calories and toes to bar will remain the same throughout, while the front squat reps will decrease
As the reps decrease, the load will increase
Since these are 5 minute AMRAPs, you’ll move back to the bike if you finish the front squats
The goal is to choose rep schemes, weights, and variations that allows for at least 1 round to be completed within the 5 minutes
Your score is the lowest rounds and reps total of the three intervals

The barbell comes from the floor for the front squats
You can squat clean the first rep of each set if you’d like
Choose your weights based off the following recommendations:
1st Bar: Light-Moderate Weight You Can Complete For 30+ Reps When Fresh
2nd Bar: Moderate Weight You Can Complete For 21+ Reps When Fresh
3rd Bar: Moderately Heavy Weight You Can Complete For 15+ Reps When Fresh

Choose a variation that you could complete 21+ reps unbroken when fresh
You can reduce reps or choose a variation from further down the page

See further down the page for subs

With 5 minutes of work and 5 minutes of rest, let’s look to bring some intensity to these three intervals
With the weight increasing and reps decreasing on the front squats with each interval, a good goal might be to get similar scores for each
While it may not work out perfectly, keeping your three scores within 5-10 reps is more manageable

It’s very likely that you’ll get back to the bike for a second time within these 5 minute windows
While we are rewarded for a strong power output, try to find a pace on the opening bike that you see yourself being able to hold or improve upon the second time around
You’ll get the following calories done within a minute if you hold these calorie per hour outputs on the bike erg:
900 Calories Per Hour: 15 Calories Per Minute
1000 Calories Per Hour: ~17 Calories Per Minute
1100 Calories Per Hour: ~18 Calories Per Minute
1200 Calories Per Hour: 20 Calories Per Minute
1300 Calories Per Hour: ~22 Calories Per Minute

Imagine what you’ll be holding on toes to bar in the very last interval of the day and try to hold that from round 1
Quick sets and quick breaks can be more consistency and faster later on than trying to push through big sets
Consider the following options:
1 Set: 15
2 Sets: 8-7
3 Sets: 5-5-5
4 Sets: 4-4-4-3
5 Sets: 5-4-3-2-1

Let’s aim for somewhere between 1-3 sets on the front squats
It can be helpful knowing, for example, that you only have to go and get 12 reps instead of 21
This is where a pre-planned break-up strategy can help you stay moving for most of the 5 minutes
It is also nice to know that the bike follows the front squats, meaning you can just get on and start moving forward following your last rep
This can push you to hold on for larger sets on the barbell knowing that you’ll be able to just go and start pedaling
Consider the following options for each set of front squats:
Set of 21:
1 Set: 21
2 Sets: 12-9
3 Sets: 7-7-7
Set of 15:
1 Set: 15
2 Sets: 8-7
3 Sets: 5-5-5
Set of 9:
1 Set: 9
2 Sets: 5-4
3 Sets: 3-3-3

Equal Calorie Assault Bike, Echo Bike, or Row
30/21 Calorie Schwinn Bike

Reduce Reps
Feet as High as Possible
Knees to Elbows/Chest/Waist

With First Round Weight:
7 Calorie Bike Erg
5 Toes to Bar
3 Front Squats

Brother Bros Barbell Club

Wednesday (Session Two)
Every minute, on the minute, for 3 minutes (3 sets):
Press in Clean (Sots Press) x 4 reps

Followed by…

Every minute, on the minute, for 3 minutes (3 sets):
Clean Grip Overhead Squat x 4 reps

(Build in weight if your mobility allows you to get into a comfortable position at the bottom. If flexibility is an issue, stick with an empty barbell & go as low as you can safely go.)

Every 2 minutes, for 12 minutes (6 sets):
Clean Pull + Hang Clean + Front Squat + Jerk x 1 rep @ 65-75% of 1-RM Clean & Jerk

Every 90 seconds, for 9 minutes (6 sets):
No Feet Power Snatch x 2 reps

*Sets 1-2 = @ 60% of 1-RM Power Snatch
*Sets 3-4 = @ 65% of 1-RM Power Snatch
*Sets 5-6 = @ 70% of 1-RM Power Snatch

Feet should start in your landing position but they should not move.

Every 2:30, for 7:30 (3 sets):
2″ Deficit Deadlift x 5 reps @ 60% of 1-RM Deadlift

Three sets of:
Bent Over Row x 8 reps
DB Bulgarian Split Squats x 5 reps each leg
Rest 45 seconds

Performance Power Training

Wednesday, April 1st, 2020

Active Rest Day
10 Rounds NFT
20 Pushups
20 SItups
400m Jog
*Twist on last week’s active rest. Run instead of bike.


5×5 Close Grip Bench Press Heavy


“Bench Press Kalsu”
100 Bench Press (135/95)
*Every minute, 5 burpees until done
*Scale bench press weight to be able to get 20ish unbroken
*Start with burpees
-Girth Differential
:30 Seated DB Curls
:30 off
:30 Seated DB Arnold Press
:30 off


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