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We Saw A Ton Of Big Clean PR’s Yesterday From All Of Our CFDNR Hooligans Including  Cedric back home in Malaysia! We Are Pumped To See He Is Keeping Up With His Fitness And Following The Programming From Half Way Around the World!

Freedom WOD Classes

Warm Up: 5 mins
2 Rounds
200m Row, Ski or Bike.3
10 RDL 3 Sec neg lower
10 Devils Press w/ plate
10 Kipping Swings

Strength: 25 min
1 Rep Max

Mobilize Between Sets

Metcon: 13 min cap
Happy 35th Birthday Brandon Nazzise
35 Deadlift 235/165
35 Pull Ups
35 Devils Press w/plate 35/25
35 Cal Row, Bike or Ski

Elite Competition Class

Active Recovery Day.

Performance Power Training

Thursday, November 21st, 2019

Jet Fuel: 
1min Max Reps Burpees
“swimmer’s warmup”
Various Arm swings, forward, back, up, down
Shoulder Prehab: Holding small plates, hold arms straight out in a T, with shoulders engaged and rotate the plates internal and externally rotated. Then hold the plates straight out in front and do the same thing. Then with one arm at a time, hold one plate overhead keeping the lats and scaps engaged, paying attention not to lose tension on the side, and rotate the plate internally and externally.

Major Lift:
Red: Shoulder Press
-then 2xmax reps @80% of the heaviest set of the day
Wht/Blu: Slingshot Bench Press
Max 1
1xAMRAP @80%
1xAMRAP @70%
**Compare to max 3, October 17th**


Max Pushups vs. Bands
25 Banded Straight Arm Pull downs
25 Banded Curls
12 DB Tricep Kickbacks (each)


10min, 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off, alternating:
Max Cal Assault bike
Kipping Pullup



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