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Did somebody say truck pull and tire flips? Make sure you sign up on mindbody for the Free in-house competition on Saturday the 24th. Oh yeah, don’t forget to bring a friend for free yoga and partner wod!

Freedom WOD Classes

Movement of the WEEK:

Accumulate 5 mins Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
Front / Side / Off Set Planking

I want to see pictures on social media outlets of you all hanging somewhere other than the gym. Have fun with it!

Warm Up:
“Junk Yard Dog”

“C2 Week”
10 Min EMOM
3 Snatch 65% of 1RM

4-Person Teams
Partner “A” runs 400 M with a MedBall 20/14 while other team members
Partner “B” Bench Press 95/65
Partner “C” Box Jumps 24/20
Partner “D” Row For Cal

Once a team member returns from run, everyone rotates. Final time is when last team member returns from run. Add up all reps, then subtract from over all time. (1 Sec per swing and Box Jump, 3 Seconds per calorie).

Elite Competition Class

1.  Front Squat
7×3 at 85%, across

2.  Power Clean
5×3 at 80% – No TnG

3.  Conditioning
“The Axe”
15 Calorie Row
12 Burpee BJ (24/20)
9 Clean and Jerks (135/95)



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