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Freedom WOD Classes

Warm Up:

1. Skill Transfer 7 Mins
Split Jerk Strict Press – 3×3 50% 1Rm
Split jerk the bar overhead, then perform 3 strict presses from the front rack while your feet remain in the “split catch” position. This should not be for a max load.

2. Strength/Skill Transfer 7 Mins
Jerk Balance – 3×3 50% 1Rm
Split jerk the bar overhead, then back your front foot up 4″. From a front rack position jerk the bar overhead while moving the front foot back to the proper “split catch” position.  This should not be for a max load.

Strength: No more than 15 Mins
Week Three: Functional Over Reaching
Jerk 85% + 15lbs of 1RM
10 x 3

3 Rounds *12 Min Cap*
10 KB Swings
10 Push Press 135/95
10 Burpees Lateral Bar Jump

Elite Competition Class

1. Weightlifting
Running Clock
Mins 1-8:
EMOMx8: 1 Squat Snatches (85%)
Rest 4:00
Mins 12-20:
EMOMx8: 1 Squat CJ (85%)
Rest 4:00
1 minute bike test for max cals

2.  Conditioning
150 Double unders
50 Wall Balls
100 Double unders
35 Wall Balls
50 Double unders
20 Wall Balls


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