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Somebody would like to say Hi!

Everyone meet Justice the newest member of the family!

I told you all, I would have a surprise for you this week to help keep you motivated and on track for Sit Ups For Pups. So if doing it for the lovely Liberty Bell, Klyde, Maverick, and all the other CFDNR pups wasn’t enough then let me you tell you a bit about this sweet little rescue named Justice. She is only 7 months old but has been through a life time of terrible. Just one month ago she had to have her left rear leg amputated due to a previous fracture that healed inappropriately. She also had rib fractures and signs of strangulation when she was found as a stray. But none of this has slowed her down one bit! So you shouldn’t slow down on your Sit Ups For Pups either as you are helping fight for those that don’t have a voice. Lets do this CFDNR and CFBullies!

Freedom WOD Classes

Warm Up: 5 Mins
2 Rounds
200 m Run
8 Lunges

Home Strength:
3×1 Complex:
3 DB or KB Power Snatch + 3 DB or KB Sq Snatch + 3 OHS

Perform the full complex on the right arm then switch to the Left arm for a full complex to  = 1 complex.

If you don’t have a DB or KB perform

3 Position Pack Snatch (3 Squat Snatch + 3 Low Hang Sq Snatch + Mid Hang Sq Snatch = 1 rep)
60 sec rest between sets 

Tempo Air Squat 3-3-3-0
if you have weight use it by placing it on you back rack. This can be a weighted backpack, sandbag or DB/KB held in the back rack.
60 sec rest between sets 

  • 3-3-3-0
  • The first number (3) is the eccentric, or lowering, component of the lift.
  • The second number (0) denotes any pause at the bottom.
  • The third number (1) is the concentric, or lifting, component.
  • Finally, the fourth number (0) denotes any pause at the top.

Home WOD:
Fight Gone Bad Style
3 Rounds
1 Min Max 10 M Shuttle Sprint
1 Min Max Effort Alternating DB/KB Snatch 50/35
1 Min Max Effort Alternating DB/KB Lunges 50/35
1 Min Max Effort Double Unders or Attempts
1 min Rest

If you don’t have a DB or KB then use a backpack, sand bag, weight vest, weight plate and perform a two hand snatch.

Strength: 20
3 Position Snatch (Squat Snatch + Low Hang Sq Snatch + Mid Hang Sq Snatch = 1 rep)
3×3 at 65, 70 & 72%
60 sec rest between sets

10 Mins
Tempo Backt Squat 3-0-1-0
3×5 at 70%
60 sec rest between sets

  • 3-0-1-0
  • The first number (3) is the eccentric, or lowering, component of the lift.
  • The second number (0) denotes any pause at the bottom.
  • The third number (1) is the concentric, or lifting, component.
  • Finally, the fourth number (0) denotes any pause at the top.

Metcon: 15 Min Cap
Fight Gone Bad Style
3 Rounds
1 Min Max Effort Cal Row or Bike
1 Min Max Effort DB Snatch 50/35
1 Min Max Effort DB Alternating Lunges 50/35
1 Min Max Effort Double Unders or Attempts
1 min Rest

Sit Up For Pups:

100 Sit Ups

Elite Competition Class

Back Squat
Set #1 (On the 0:00) – 5 Reps @ 80%
Set #2 (On the 2:00)- 4 Reps @ 87%
Set #3 (On the 4:00) – 3 Reps @ 94%
Set #4 (On the 6:00) – 2 Reps @ 98%
Set #5 (On the 8:00) – 1 Rep @ 102%
Set #6 (On the 10:00) – 1 Rep @ 105%
Set #7 (On the 12:00) – 1 Rep
Set #8 (On the 14:00) – 1 Rep
Set #9 (On the 16:00) – 1 Rep

Sets 1-9 completed “On the 2:00”
*Percentages based on 5RM Back Squat

Today is the 7th iteration of these Back Squat waves
Take the last 3 sets today to try to establish a new PR
These percentages are based of your 5RM Back Squat
Sets 1-9 are completed on the 2:00
This is the last week of our “Grunt Work” Cycle, next week we’ll deload with Pause Squats

6 Reps @ 53% of 5RM
5 Reps @ 59% of 5RM
4 Reps @ 65% of 5RM
3 Reps @ 71% of 5RM
2 Reps @ 78% of 5RM

Body Armor
3 Sets
Not for Time:
10 Banded Barbel Bent Over Rows
10 Pistols
10 Double KB Snatch
10 Pistols

Rest 2:00 between sets.

A “Giant Set” means that you’ll move with a purpose from one movement to the next while prioritizing quality over speed
Upper body and midline focus on today’s Body Armor
Stand on band to create tension as the row is completed
Lock in midline during row (no motion at the hips)
Pause for 1s at the top of each repetition
Weights do not touch the ground between reps – keep lats and midline engaged
Alternating legs for 10 reps total, or 5 each leg
We complete 10 pistols twice in each set, first set unweighted, second weighted
Dumbbell, Kettlebell, or small plate can all be used here
Similar to a regular KBS in range of motion, just now with 2xKB’s and with a turnover at the top
Weights start from the hang position
Upon hip extension, keep bells close to the body in a “pull + punch” motion
Start light, and build as mechanics are dialed in”


Banded Barbell Bent Over Rows: Video
Pistol Squats: Video
Double KB Snatch Video

No band (if not available)
Double Dumbbell Hang Power Snatch
Reduce Reps
Single Leg Squat to a Box
10 Weighted Box Step-ups (50/35)


“Simple Plan”
3 Rounds For Time:
50 Air Squats
35 Pushups
25/18 Calorie Air Runner

*Wearing a 20/14 Weight Vest

Bodyweight movements are the highlight of this simple triplet workout
If you have it, wear a 20/14 pound vest for the workout
If you don’t have a weight vest:
Increase the Air Squats to 75 Reps
Increase the Push-ups to 50 Reps
The balance between lower body push, upper body push, and total body pull should allow you to move relatively quickly through each movement
We expect times these three rounds to take around 9-15 minutes to complete
Choose a push-up variation that allows you to complete at least sets of 5 within the workout
The 35 reps shouldn’t take more than 1:30 to complete
Adjust the reps or variation as needed

Knowing the push-ups follow the air squats, we can aim to cycle these 50 reps fairly quickly
Just squatting 1 second slower over these 3 rounds results in a difference of almost 3 minutes
After the 50 reps, the legs get a chance to recover while we use strictly the upper body
We have 105 total reps of push-ups in today’s workout
The upside is that the movements that surround the push-ups use different muscle groups
Because of this, the chest and triceps get a rest for between 3-5 minutes before having to push again
That being said, let’s be intelligently aggressive through the 35 reps each round
We still want to break these before you have to grind out reps
Consider the following options:
1 Sets: 35
2 Sets: 20-15
3 Sets: 15-10-10
4 Sets: 10-10-8-7
5 Sets: 7-7-7-7-7
6 Sets: 10-5-5-5-5-5
7 Sets: 5-5-5-5-5-5-5

See if you can push the pace on the Air Runner
Just like on any machine, you are rewarded for a higher power output
The air squats to follow are a nice incentive to move with a purpose, as you’ll still be able to keep moving under fatigue
No Vest
Reduce Reps

With Weight Vest:
15 Air Squats
10 Push-ups
5 Calorie Row

Odd-Object Conditioning
For Time:
800m Sandbag Run (70/50)

Odd-object run, ideally with a “Wreckbag-like” sandbag
At “Go”, bag starts on the ground (practice pick-up)
Run with load shouldered
If able, check your time at the 400m mark (pacing)
800 Meter Weighted Run (Plates/KB)
800 Meter Sled Push

Row Conditioning
3 Rounds:
500 Meter Row (2K + 15)
250m Row (2K Pace)
250m Row (Sub 2K Pace)

Rest 2:00 between.

Three intervals of a 1K Row with 2:00 rest between
We change speeds at the 500m and 750m mark
On the final 250m, the aim is to move below our sub 2K pace
Go by feel in finding a sustainable pace for all three rounds
Erg Bike – Double Calories
Assault Bike
4-12-12 Males
18-9-9 Females
Same stimulus in pacing (slow/med/fast)

Brother Bros Barbell Club 

Monday (Session One)
Every minute, on the minute, for 6 minutes (6 sets)
Snatch Balance x 1 rep

Building in weight, but don’t go heavier than you can comfortably and safely bring back down to your back rack

Every 90 seconds, for 12 minutes (8 sets):
Snatch + Hip Snatch x 1 rep

*Set 1 = @ 65% of 1-RM Snatch
*Set 2 = @ 70% of 1-RM Snatch
*Set 3 = @ 75% of 1-RM Snatch
*Sets 4-5 = @ 80% of 1-RM Snatch
*Sets 6-8 = @ 85% of 1-RM Snatch

Every 90 seconds, for 9 minutes (6 sets):
(2 Power Cleans + 1 Power Jerk) x 1 rep @ 85%

In 17 minutes, establish a 1-RM Back Squat

Three sets of:
Stationary Dips x MAX reps
Single Leg DB or KB Romanian Deadlift x 10 reps each leg
Rest 60 seconds

Performance Power Training

Monday, 16th, 2020

Jet Fuel:

Dead hang for 30 seconds
5 inch worms
Shoulder Prehab 
DB Bench
DB Shoulder press
Band Pull apart

Major, Lift:
Red: Bench Press
-then 2xmax reps @80% of the heaviest set of the day
Wht/Blu: Speed Bench/Shoulder Press
10×3 @45
5×3 @50%


T-bar Rows heavy
Max reps Slingshot pushups
Barbell Shoulder Press
21’s DB Bicep Curls
(7 reps start to mid range of motion, 7 reps mid to finish r.o.m., 7 reps full r.o.m.)

After Burner:

2 min AMRAP
10 SDHP (115/75)
10 Push Press (115/75)
*1min Rest Btw rounds


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