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Get ready everyone. In 3 Weeks we are starting a Squat everyday program. With that said you will want the proper shoes and maybe some knee sleeves and belt. instead of a running shoe you should at least have a pair of “CrossFit” style shoes either the Reebok Nano’s or the Nike Metcons. I would also recommend an Olympic Lifting shoes and there are many different options out there. Please get with one of the coaches and they can give you good ideas on proper lifting gear. And remember we do get a discount at shopboxbasics if you decide to get new gear.

Freedom WOD Classes

Hot Potato

2 reps EMOM for 5 min
Wall Walks to Hand Stand Push up

Team Vs Team
6 Round per team
ME Row for meters
ME Box Jumps 24/20
A Team of 2 will vs another team of 2. “Team Blue” will have 2 mins to accumulate as many meters on the rower and as many box jumps as possible while “Team Red” rest. The athletes must remain on the same movement/exercise for the entire 2 mins of the round, then on the next round they will switch movements/exercise and again remain there for the entire 2 mins.
As soon as the 2 mins is up “Team Red” will have 2 mins of  work to accumulate meters and reps while “Team Blue” rest. Each team will get equal work/rest time.

Elite Competition Class

Rest Day


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