Tyler Jordan – Coach

When I found CrossFit DNR in June of 2013, I knew this could become more
than just a gym for me. The coaches I work with, and the clients I train have
become a family. I take pride as a coach getting to know the athletes in this gym
on a client/trainer basis, along with getting to know them on a personal level.

I am a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and have been a trainer here for over 2 years.
Along with a CrossFit trainer, I am a CSU Ram Alumni. I have been actively
involved in sports and other physical activity my entire life. After starting CrossFit,
I have seen improvement in every aspect of my life, both physically and mentally,
and it has changed the way I view myself and what I am capable of. I’ve learned
through CrossFit that you have to go into anything you do with the mindset that
you can push a little harder than what you thought possible. The only thing
holding you back is fear of the unknown.

“If tomorrow wasn’t promised, what would you give for today?” – Ray Lewis


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