Kale Creech – Coach

When you hear Kale you think of lettuce. Well in our Box Kale is that weirdo white boy trotting around pretending to be an athlete. Kidding! He’s actually pretty great. Loves to have fun and make others laugh. As someone who hasn’t been the most active, athletic, and hardly involved in competitive sports growing up I still knew that proper health and fitness was essential to a long and happy lifestyle. So after high school I pledged to change my lazy ways. I knew it would be my everyday battle and was ready to face and conquer it. Over the next few years it would be school, work, and multiple “Globo Gyms” until a co-worker by the name of Kody Knapp talked up this thing called Crossfit and invited me to his garage for a WOD to see what it’s all about. Showed up, met my new Dude-Bro Kyle Knapp and failed to finish my first workout! Completely down and NEARLY out I couldn’t understand how something that made me feel so bad could feel so right.. At first I told Kody I might come back but inside I felt a new fire telling me this was not over. Like most I was intimidated by high intensity and complex movements but quickly learned that with consistent hard work, NOTHING is out of reach. It is this confident and positive attitude I can apply in everyday life both in and outside the Box. I completed my Crossfit Level 1 Training May of 2014 to dig even deeper into the methodology of this new passion and now am proud to be a member of the DNR crew. Fall of 2014 will make it five years of staying atop the never ending battle and feel like I’m ready for anything.

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”
-T.S. Eliot


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer