Rocky Mountain Throwdown

The Rocky Mountain Throwdown

Come and fight for your team at one of the most epic competitions of the year!

This is your chance to prove once and for all who has the fittest fans, with the greatest school, city, and team pride.

The Rocky Mountain Throwdown is a team competition hosted by CrossFit DNR in Fort Collins, CO on August 18, 2018. Up to 32 teams will compete, 16 green and gold teams and 16 black and gold teams will collide in up to 5 epic WODs. Each team will consist of 1 male and 1 female athlete.

Scoring in the first 3 WODs will determine placement into the elimination bracket for the final 2 WODs. The first round of the bracket will consist of 8 teams and will be a single elimination. The second and final round will consist of the finial 4 to determine the winners. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place will be determined solely on the 5th and final WOD, just like the College Football National Championship, winner takes all!

1st place prize:
$300.00 and most important bragging rights!

All participants will receive:

Competition Shirt (must be signed up by July 30th to receive a shirt)

Movements/Heaviest Working Loads

Deadlift 255/180

Back Squat 225/155

Front Squat 185/135

Overhead Squat 135/95

Push Press/Jerk 185/135

Bench Press 165/115

Cleans 185/135

Snatch 155/110

Thruster 135/95

KB Swing/KB Snatch 53/35

Wallballs 20/14

Box Jumps 24″/20″

Double Unders

Odd Objects


Muscle-ups (possible only in final 2 “play off” WODs)

HSPU/HS Walk (possible only in final 2 “play off” WODs)



All weights listed in pounds. No rope climbs or pistol squats will be utilized in this competition.

Rocky Mountain Throwdown Team Registration

Registration has closed for this event.

$150.00 per team

Team registration entry fee for Rocky Mountain Throwdown competition on 8/18/2018 at CrossFit DNR. Team consists of one male and one female athlete that are guaranteed 3 work outs.

Once registration fee is paid please email the following to
  • Team name
  • Athlete names
  • Shirt sizes (unisex tee shirts and female muscle tanks available)
  • Whether your team will be competing as “Black and Gold” (Buffs) or “Green and Gold” (Rams)

All purchases are final. Registration fee is nonrefundable.

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