Vets4Life Scavenger Hunt Ruck Fundraiser

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Sunday, November 3rd

Scavenger Hunt Ruck
CrossFit DNR is proud to present our 2nd annual fundraising event to support and honor veterans. In partnership with Vets4Life, a Fort Collins based 501c(3) organization working to improve the quality of life for veterans and their families. Vets4Life takes a holistic approach to strengthen the veteran population through community engagement, resource connection, service projects and a variety of health and wellness programs. Please join us for a Scavenger Hunt Ruck to show your support! 100% of the proceeds will go to Vets4Life to continue to support our local veterans.

Intended for all fitness levels. Scavenger hunt will consist of a 7-10 mile ruck with check point locations around Fort Collins. Event may be done as a team or individually. Recommended pack weight of 20 lbs for males and 10 lbs for females. All participants will receive a commemorative patch upon completion.

8:00 AM Sunday November 3rd 2019 at CrossFit DNR
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$35.00 Donation to Vets4Life required PER PERSON to participate. All participants will be entered into a drawing for prizes donated by sponsors

Tracking Points:
Each team will need to create an instagram account and for each challenge completed you will need to take a video/picture to post as proof. You will need to tag the location and use specific hashtags throughout the hunt. Hashtags will be provided 


Rules of engagement:

Thank you to all of our sponsors:

Platinum Sponsor: 

Porter Real Estate is proud to support Vets4Life!

Buy or Sell a house through Porter Real Estate before the end of the year and mention Vets4Life and we’ll donate $1,000 to Vet4Life!!

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Prize Sponsors:



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Welcome back to the battle before the war! The Rocky Mountain ThrowDown allows loyal fans, students and alumni to directly take part in the rivalry!

Tickets go live, 8:00 a.m Monday, May 6th!
Follow the ticket link, and add product “Rocky Mountain ThrowDown” to cart.

Come and fight for your team at one of the most epic competitions of the year!

This is your chance to prove who has the fittest fans, with the greatest school, city, and team pride. It’s time to prove your worth, back up all of the sh** talking, and silence the other side.

On Saturday August 24th at CrossFit DNR in Fort Collins, Colorado, the Battle Before the War will begin. Up to 32 teams will compete 16 Green and Gold Teams and 16 Black and Gold Teams will collide in up to 5 epic WODs. Teams of two, 1 male/1 female.

This will be a College Football style bracket where all teams will have 3 guaranteed WODs to try and advance to the bracket. In the first round of the bracket the top 4 Green and Gold teams and the Top 4 Black and Gold teams will participate in a single heads up workout, elimination style to determine the final 4 championship qualifiers. The Championship round will pit the final 4 against each other in a winner takes all workout. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place will be determined solely on the 5th and final WOD, just like College Football National Championship, winner takes all!

The two previous winning teams of this competition represented the Green & Gold. Keep the rivalry alive Black & Gold!

$150 / Team (1 Male / 1 Female)
Registration goes live May 6th

1st place prize:
And Most Important Bragging Rights!

All Teams will receive:
Competition Shirt (must be signed up by July 30th to receive a shirt)

Saturday, Aug 24th 2019 – CrossFit DNR

Register by clicking the link below


Floater WOD:

“RMTD Floater CrossFit Combine”

On a 5:00 Clock
Female – 40 Yard Sled Push (Sled + 90#)
Male – Max Rep Bench Press (Athlete choice: 135#, 185# or 225#)
Rotate and reset weights
Female – Max Rep Bench Press (Athlete choice: 85#, 125# or 145#)
Male – 40 Yard Sled Push (Sled +135#)
Sled Push: Athletes will have 2:00 to establish their fastest 40 yard time sled push,
this score will be added to your partners sled push time for half of your floater
Bench Press: Athletes may choose any of the 3 weight options listed above. The goal
is to move the most overall weight (reps x weight). Each athlete will have 2:00 to
establish a max rep set at the weight of their choice. Your set will finish when you
need a spot, rack the bar, or your 2:00 elapses. Ex: 10 reps completed at 135#
(10×135) equals 1,350#. Your score will be added to your partners total weight
moved for the other half of your floater score.
Scoring: Teams will be ranked against the competition field on the sled push
separately from the bench press. Ex: If your team takes 1st on sled push and 32nd on
bench press your total score will be 33 points for the floater. Your overall rank will
depend on your point score for both portions of the floater relative to other teams.


Workout 1:

“Endurance Chipper”

For Time:25 Min Cap

1 Mile Run (both teammates run)
300 DU (split reps as desired. 1 athlete works at a time)
75 Burpees (split reps as desired. 1 athlete works at a time)

To start the workout, both partners must run a 1 Mile loop beginning and ending at DNR. Partners must run together and return together, both partners must complete the mile run prior to either athlete starting the 300 DUs. 1 athlete will then begin the DUs and reps can be split as needed (one athlete can do all 300 if they choose to). Upon completing the jump ropes your team can progress to 75 Burpees. The reps can be split as desired but an athlete must complete a full burpee, landing back on the ground before their partner can begin a rep. The workout will be capped at 25 Minutes and for each rep not completed, one second will be added to the team’s score. Teams can choose to scale the DUs to singles but like in the CF Opens, your score will automatically be lower than all teams who performed the workout as prescribed.


Workout 2 and 2.a:

“QB Sneak”

7 Min Partner AMRAP
Athlete 1:

3 Hang Power Cleans (95/65)
3 Thrusters (95/65)

Athlete 2:

5 Pull Ups

*Trade stations after both partners have completed their full reps

Rest 2 Mins

WOD 2.A: 
2 Min AMRAP (separate score)
Deadlift (185/125) = 1 Point
Front Squat (185/125) = 4 Points

*Athletes can choose to do Deadlifts or Front Squats or a combination of the two lifts. Your total points accumulated will be your score.

At 3-2-1 go, each athlete will start at a different station. Athlete 1 will complete 3 hang power cleans + 3 thrusters while partner 2 completes 5 pull ups. After both partners complete all of their repetitions, then partners will trade stations. Your teams score for WOD 2 will be the total number of reps completed by both partners.

After the 7 Min AMRAP, teams will have 2 minutes to rest and adjust the weight on their barbells to 185/125.

At 9:00 both partners will begin a 2 Minute AMRAP on their own barbell.

Athletes can choose to do deadlifts and accumulate 1 point for every rep, or front squats with each rep accumulating 4 points. Athletes can do a combination of the two lifts to gain the best point value which will be combined with your partner for a total team score. Ex: perform a deadlift = 1 point, then Hang Clean before starting front squats.

Hang Power Clean: Each athlete must complete a deadlift to full extension before performing their 1st hang power clean and after completing the third power clean the athlete must come to full extension at the knees and hips prior to performing a full ROM Thruster and showing full extension to finish each rep.
Pull ups: Must begin with a fully extended elbow and finish with chin over the bar.
Deadlift: Full Extension at knees and hips, with shoulders stacked on top of the hips.
Front Squat: Start with an extended hip, break parallel, and return to full extension. A squat clean will count as your first rep.


Semi Finals WOD:

“The Red Zone”

“The Red Zone”
Partner 1:
Death By Assault Bike Calories
3 calories the first minute
6 calories the second minute
9 calories the third minute

Carry on progressing up by 3 calories each minute until you fail to achieve the required calories in the prescribed minute. Note you get 50 seconds to achieve the required calories..   

Partner 2:
Every Minute On The Minute
3 Snatches 115/75
6 Toe-2-Bar
9 Wall Balls 20/14

Every minute on the minute perform 3 power snatches, 6 T-2-B and 9 wall balls. Continue on each minute until you can no longer get the reps done inside of the minute.
Both athletes are working at there station at the same time if one athlete fails the other one continues until failure. 20 min cap
This is scored by rounds and reps. The team that can survive the longest will move on to the finials
Note: there’s more to this than meets the eye

Terms and Conditions for trial week

You must be a resident and have a local address in Fort Collins. Offer valid for new members only! Parent or guardian must be present to sign waiver for anyone under the age of 18 years of age. Can note be combined with any other offers or discounts. 

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