Our Story

CrossFit DNR was founded by brothers, Kody and Kyle Knapp in 2013 after spending three years training and coaching clients in their garage.

Both brothers spent the majority of their childhood involved in sports, exercise, and fitness. While they excelled in these aspects of their lives, they noticed as they got older more and more of their friends and family were unable to partake in many of the same activities, so they set out on an adventure to help people reach their fitness potential and enjoy life as much as they could! In 2009 they were introduced to their first CrossFit workout “The Filthy Fifty” and immediately knew that CrossFit was the best way for them to help the most people possible reach their goals. Since that first workout Kody, Kyle and the entire CrossFit DNR family have become part of the friendly, encouraging and welcoming CrossFit community.

CrossFit Do Not Retreat is the perfect place for everyone looking to investigate the CrossFit craze, whether you are just starting on your journey to a healthier, happier life or you are a professional athlete. You will be welcomed as part of the DNR family as soon as you walk into the facility.