FlexFriday CrossFit DNR Fort Collin

Freedom WOD Classes Warm Up: 6 mins 1:00 PVC ROM Then 2 Rounds: 10 Push Ups 15 Banded Pull Aparts 20 Lat Press Downs 25 Jump Ropes Strength: 18 Mins 4 Supersets 10 Bench Press 60% :30 Max Rep Push Ups 3:00 Rest Between Sets Home WOD: 12 Min Cap 12 Min AMRAP 16 Bench

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1 Mile Run Murph Prep CrossFit DNR Fort Collins Colorado

Today we will be performing strength AFTER we do the METCON! Freedom WOD Classes Warm Up: 5 mins 400 M Run 1:00 Inchworms :20 High Knees In Place :20 Butt Kicks In Place :20 Air Squats Home WOD: 15 Min Cap For Time 1 Mile Run Metcon: 15 Min Cap For Time 1 Mile Run

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bring sally down squat warm up crossfit dnr fort collins colorado

Freedom WOD Classes Warm Up: 6 mins 2:00 of “Bring Sally Up” Air Squats (song title “Flowers” – Moby) Then: 10 Power Cleans 10 Front Squats 1:00 / Side Samson Stretch Strength: 22 Mins 22:00 to Complete 4xSuperset: 7 Front Squats + 13 Back Squats 65% of Front Squat 1RM *Perform back squats immediately after

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sit ups for pups crossfit dnr fort collins co

Sit Ups For Pups is back! This year, the non-profit Barbells for Bullies is aiming to hit 5 MILLION sit ups in the month of March as a community! 5 Million is the estimated number of shelter animals rescued since their mission started in 2016. Last year, CrossFit DNR was the leader of all CrossFit

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2021 Barbells and Badges WOD 1 CrossFit Competition Fort Collins Colorado

This workout above might look a bit familiar… After the carnage of this workout on 4/16 we decided to use it as the base for the first workout of Barbells & Badges June 26-27th! Registration for the event opens up next Monday with 2 Females/2 Males on each team. Start figuring out your teams and

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Oly Day!!! CrossFit DNR Fort Collins Co

Freedom WOD Classes Warm Up: 5 mins 5 Min Circuit Coach Led Barbell path Home WOD: 38 Min  Every 90 Secs for 18 Mins (12 Attempts) Snatch – Looking to find your 1RM (If we are newer to the lift then weight should be keep low, working on form) Rest 2:00 Every 90 Secs for

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