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We need your help with a few things! We may be biased, but we think we’re the best CF gym in NOCO and would love your vote to make the title official! Please use the link to nominate CrossFit DNR for the best CrossFit gym under the “Health & Beauty” category! This Saturday will be

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Mark your calendars for Saturday, June 27th! Our second annual PRIDE WOD is one month away. We are still working on details for this event as it will likely look different with our current regulations but you can bet your ass we’re gonna make it happen! Freedom WOD Classes Warm Up: 5 Mins 5 Min

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Just Murphing around CrossFit DNR Fort Collins CO

Freedom WOD Classes Warm Up: 5 Mins 2 Rounds: :30 Air Squats :30 Burpees :30 Alternating Lunges :30 Mountain Climbers :30 Unloaded Barbell RDLs *Treat this as a warm up and not an AMRAP Strength: 10 Mins Back Rack Lunges – Not Alternating 3 x 10 / Side Back Rack Lunges – Moderate Weight Rest

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Outdoor Pull Up Rig CrossFit DNR Fort Collins CO

Big News Hooligans!!! Larimer County and Fort Collins have been given the green light to open gyms in a much bigger and better way! We will be able to accommodate 12 athletes inside and an additional 6 outside, while maintaining 6′ spacing. The coolest part… we don’t need to wear masks “if it inhibits the

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Murph WOD Raffle - CrossFit DNR Fort Collins

Active Recovery Day Freedom WOD Classes Warm Up:10 Mins 1500m Row at a 2:15-2:30 pace (you should be able to hold a conversation while rowing) Run Alternative 1200 m Run at a 2:15-2:30 pace (you should be able to hold a conversation while rowing) Skills: 5 mins  Turkish Get Up Home WOD: 14 Min  5

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Rogue Monster 24' Rig Outdoor Murph 2020 - CrossFit DNR Fort Collins

There is no strength this week as we prep for Murph. Thursday will also be an active recovery day in prep for Murph. As of right now there are 19/80 spots left for this weekends Murph and remember this is a free event, so tell a friend! If you haven’t heard or seen yet, Kody

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