Walker CrossFit DNR Fort Collins

Happy 24th Birthday Walker! Thanks for being a part of the Hooligan Nation! Freedom WOD Classes Warm Up: 5 mins High Knees Butt Kicks Samson Walk 4 Inchworms Bring Sally Up Back Squats (unloaded barbell) or Air Squats Strength: 10 mins 2 Rounds on the 3:00 18 Back Squats (50%) Metcon: 24 Min Cap 2

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CrossFit Wine Fort Collins DNR

21+ Hooligans! We will be having a Ladies Wine and Bros & Brews night out here soon! Stay tuned for the date and details! Freedom WOD Classes Warm Up: 7 mins 2 Rounds: 10 Strict Knee Raise 15 Banded Y’s 25 Banded Pull Aparts Then: 2:00 Jump Rope Strength: 20 Mins HSPU Complex – 2

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CrossFit DNR Fort Collins Regionals

The First Barbells & Badges workout will be released this week! Throwback to regionals! Freedom WOD Classes Warm Up: 8 Mins 2 Rounds: :30 Hollow Rock 10 Pendlay Rows 10 V-Ups 200 M Row / .3 Bike Row Interval: 10 Mins With a Partner: 2K Row – Alternate every 200-250 M Mobility: 6 Mins LAX

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Freedom WOD Classes Warm Up: 6 mins 5 Jefferson Curls Then 2 Rounds: 10 Russian KBS 5 Burpees :30 / Side Samson 1:30 Hip & Ankle Opener Strength: 18 mins 5 Rounds on the 2:00 2 Hang Power Snatch+ 2 Squat Snatch + 2 OHS ~75% 1 RM Mobility: 2:00 / Side Roll Traps Metcon:

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kobe & gigi CrossFit

Today we will honor and remember Kobe Bryant and his 13 year old daughter Gigi who passed away yesterday. Kobe AKA Mamba may not have served to protect us and this country, and he certainly was not perfect, but he showed us how far hard work and discipline can go. He brightened so many lives

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Elite Competition Class Hang Power Snatch Technique 5 Sets: 3 Hang Muscle Snatches 2 Pausing Snatch Grip Push Jerks Technique Loads: Set 1: 30% of 1RM Snatch Set 2: 35% Sets 3-5: 40% STIMULUS Working lighter loads of Hang Power Snatch Technique before we build to heavier weights in our next pieceThese 5 reps across

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