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  Warm Up: 10 mins 250 Row 25 Hollow Rocks 30 Supperman Mobility: 8 min Lax Ball Glutes, TFL, and Hip Flexors Strength: 6 Min Rotating ½ Tabata 20/10 (this will be 6 mins long) Russian Twist 15/10 plate Flutter Kicks Suppermans Metcon: 20 Mins With A Partner 80-60-40 Flat Bench GHD Sit Ups (scale […]


“Light Weight Baby! OHHH….. Gonna Get Huge, Aint Nothing But A Peanut! Whoo..” Warm Up 10 min 2 Rounds 200 M Run w/MB 10 MB DL 10 Burpee over MB Mobility: 5 mins Banded Ham/Hips Strength: 15 Mins 3×8 Giant Set KB/DB Single Arm Bent Over Row DB Tricep Kick Backs Lat Press Down (use […]


Last year we took over this competition with 15 teams! This year should be the same, so get a partner and lets get you signed up. This would be a great competition for anyone looking to do their first competition or add onto the list of comps that you’ve done! Check it out! Teams of […]


CFDNR Hooligan Running Club is running Pineridge at 5:30pm   Warm Up: 5 Min To complete 250 Row Then For Time 100 Double Unders Mobility: 2 mins per side Triceps Smash Strength: 12 mins 3×8 Giant Sets Climbing Bradford Press DB Lateral Raise DB Revers Fly Metcon: 15 mins Complete 5 rounds of 2 Min […]


There are a couple of Comps coming up here in town. Get with a coach and ask about details. We would love to have some teams represent CFDNR.  Warm Up: 8 mins 400 M Run 2 Rounds w/unloaded barbell 5 strict Pull Ups 7 Snatch DL 9 Hang Snatch Mobility: 6 mins Lax Ball 2 mins T-spin […]


Have a very Happy Fathers Day Weekend! Metcon:  Team Wod In honor of a 3-man team, who rowed 5.16 million meters across the Atlantic Ocean in 49 days, 14 hours, 4 minutes and 21 seconds. In 3 Person teams, split reps however you want, but you must work in the same order throughout the workout. AMRAP […]


That time when CFDNR took over Water World! Warm Up: 10 mins 250 Row 25 M High Low Walks 10 T-2-B 15 Hollow Rocks 20 Superman Mobility: 8 min Lax Ball TFL and Hip Flexors Strength: 8 Min ½ Tabata 20/10 (this will be 8 mins long) Forearm Plank Hops Forearm Plank Runners Frog Kicks […]


      Starting this Saturday from 10:00-11:00am we are programing Saturday team/partner wods. There is still open gym durning this time as well.  Warm Up 10 min 2 Rounds 200 M Run w/MB 10 MB DL 10 Burpee over MB Mobility: 5 mins KB Calf Crush 2 mins per leg Strength: 15 Mins 3×8 Super […]


Happy 18th Birthday to this beautiful young lady Miss Mariah Knapp. We hope its the best one yet! Lots of Love from your Uncle Kody and Kyle   Warm Up 10 mins 100 Double Unders for time Then: 3 rounds 5 Inch warm 10 Squat Jumps 10 PVC Pass-throughs Mobility: 12 mins Barbell Crush Quads […]


Join the CFDNR Hooligans in running the Firecracker 5K July 4th. Wear your best Red, White, and Blue!!! http://firekracker5k.com/   Warm Up 5 Mins 3 Rounds of Cindy Mobility: Lax ball scaps 2 min per side Strength: 15 mins 3×8 Super Sets Climbing Strict Press DB Lateral Raise Metcon: 12 mins 4 Rounds w/3 mins […]