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Huge thank you to Sydney and the rest of the hooligans who came by and helped with the booth at CSU the last two days! Warm Up: 5 Mins 10 Jumping Lunges (5/leg) 10 Push Press unloaded bar 250 M Row / 200 M Run 10 Push Press 10 Jumping Lunges Gymnastics Technique / Strength: […]


Have you heard, DNR has a fantasy football league?! Talk to Darryl about details. Warm Up: 5 Min Limit 2 Rounds 10 Unloaded Barbell Thrusters 10 Push Ups 30 sec plank Mobility and Set Up: 10 Mins Chest Smash Roll Shoulder Ext. Rotators Banded Chest Flies Strength: 10 Min 10 Min Rotating EMOM – Partner w/ […]


Hey Hooligans, it’s that time of year! Kody and myself will be on CSU Campus tomorrow and Tuesday for the opening week of classes. If you are going to be on campus come by our booth on the plaza outside the Lori Student Center and don’t be shy about wearing those DNR shirts! Warm Up: […]


Go see the men & women of law enforcement and first responders battle head to head in the Guns and Hoses boxing tournament at the Lincoln Center! The event is on September 16th at 6:00pm. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased at Lctix.com The tournament helps support the Benevolent Fund and the 1945 Foundation […]


New Sign is up. Too Legit to Quit Warm Up:  5 Mins Pizza Delivery Mobility and Set Up: 10 Mins Static Stretch Legs and Roll Hips Strength: 10 Min 10 Min Rotating EMOM – Partner w/ another athlete and share a barbell Odd: 6-8 Back Squat w/ a distinct pause in ACTIVE bottom position Even: 3-8 […]


Just one of the many faces coming back from summer. Welcome back Jaelyn! Warm Up: 5 Mins 2 Rounds 10 Unloaded Barbell RDL 10 Hang Cleans 10 Front Squats Mobility: During Strength Roll Quads, Posterior Shoulder, Triceps Strength: 25 Mins Olympic DL (Clean or Snatch Grip) – 10 Mins 4 x 6-8 Cleans – 12 […]


The Rumor Is True… MIRO IS BACK! Warm Up: 5 Mins 2 Rounds 250 M Row 10 Step Ups 10 Ring Rows Gymnastics Technique / Strength: 5 Mins 5 Min EMOM of: 1-8 MU Or 3-8 Dips (Hardest Variation Possible) Olympic Technique and Repetition: Jerk – 13 Mins 4-5 Mins of Coach Led Barpath- 2 […]


Marie and Kyle on the podium at the Power Up Impalas competition last weekend. Solid 4th place finish (there was a tie for 2nd) against some of the best around. Warm Up: 5 Min Limit 3 Rounds 7 Jumping Pull Ups 7 Burpees 7 Medball Sq Cleans Mobility and Set Up: 10 Mins Roll Hip Flexors […]


Congrats to Darryl and Brie for taking home the gold and Andrew and Coutney for locking down 3rd place this Saturday at the Pounds for Pups Event! Warm Up: 5 Mins 250 M Row Duck Walk Lap Around Perimeter of Gym 200 M Run Strength: 25 Mins *Work Mobility in between sets* – Suggested Shoulder […]


Above are the Heat Times for The Pounds For Pups Competition at WILD Horizons. 1st DNR heat with Bre and J. is at 9:30 a.m. The next heat with Darryl, Brie, Kody and Annie begins at 12:30 followed by Andrew and Courtney at 1:30. Marie and Kyle will also be competing at Poudre High School. […]